Design & Crafts Council of Ireland's Portfolio Critical Selection 2019-2020
When: 21/11/2019 – 24/02/2020
Where: NCDG, Kilkenny, Ireland

Ciarán McGill will be exhibiting at the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland’s portfolio: Critical Selection 2019-20

An exhibition of new innovative works, the designer-makers represented were selected by an international panel, for demonstrating excellence in craftsmanship, design quality and technical skill. McGill was one of them.

Surface Matters, curated by Liz Cooper, considers the extraordinary skill and attention to detail involved in the creation of these contemporary craft objects; from the application of an exquisite patina to the repetition of building a complex form and a deep understanding of how their materials perform which has set these makers apart. The curator reflects “a well-crafted object… will give much visual delight, may make pleasing or intriguing sounds when handled, and if made of an organic material may also have a scent that evokes other places or times, as soothing or disturbing memories. But when we talk about the surface quality of an object, touch is the sense that comes to mind first…. Surface in craft and design is not simply a lick of paint or a gloss of varnish. Instead it speaks to us of the skill and knowledge of the maker, in their understanding, handling and processing of the materials that make up the completed forms, be they raw matter like raw metal, wood, yarn or clay, or those mediated by manufacture, including molten glass, alloys, glazes and varnishes. The surface is also the material of making itself and the way it has been handled, not just an outer coat or covering.”