Ciaran Mc Gill is a trained furniture designer maker, graduating from GMIT Letterfrack with a distinction and also completing an MA in Furniture design from London Met, having worked for some of the biggest names in the world of luxury furniture he has ventured into making his own unique piece that defy the confines, structure and functional aspects that the luxury market requests.

The aim is to provide pieces that are more than function, more than furniture and more than marquetry, pieces that act as a medium to express an emotion, opinion which provoke a response. The challenge is to create works which define the traditional confines of marquetry and furniture, works which change perception on furniture’s role in interiors and change mindsets on how we engage with these pieces.

His work is closely linked with current events and emotions, each piece will be like a diary, a means of recording his own opinion for all to see. Ciaran views himself like any other artist, compelled to produce works with meaning and depth, with furniture being the canvas and marquetry the paint, it’s the best medium he knows to create a lasting impression.